FIFA 15 – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE! – Futhead Guides

FIFA 15 – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE! – Futhead Guides

FIFA 15 - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE! - Futhead Guides

The amazing FIFA 15 is a football simulation game. It is developed by the EA Canada and Electronic Arts published it. It is available for iOS devices, Android, Microsoft windows and play stations.

FIFA 15 has featured one of the most famous player of the football Lionel Messi on the cover of the game, besides different players living in the different parts of the world. FIFA 15 is the first ever game in the FIFA series which is fully registered by the premier league.

Following tips will help the players to play FIFA 15 in a more intelligent and also help them to win more matches. These tips also help them to improve the skills of passing, crossing, heading, shooting and much more.

  • Creating the Team:

It is essential to check the chemistry of the players with each other before building the team. Because it allow you to win more matches. It is advisable to select the players who have the same nationality. By doing so players can develop a sense of team play. It is also important to build a team that goes with your style of playing the football game. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re self-created team has a high rating of even 98 until it goes with your style of playing.

  • Players Should Be Ready:

It is important to make a team of 20 players. It is suggested to put the best players of your team in the starting eleven. After that, select the second tops of the team for the bench. This act will help the team players to remain fresh and also permit them to play this game with different starting. They also enjoy the game. If you played the game with the same eleven players then you have to spend a lot of time in motivating the players and also on morale boasting cards.

  • Select the Good Foundation:

It is important to select the best foundation of the team which the players are easier going with. Mostly default foundations of the famous teams are good by default. But you can change the foundation whenever you want during the game.

  • Alter your Strategies:

It is essential to modify your strategies throughout the game.

  • Know When to Access Match Day:

Based on the present performance of the players, Match day is considered as an additional feature which updates the stats of the team players.  If you want to use this feature then it is important that before activating it check the form of the team.

  • Don’t Leave Matches:

If you quit more matches then you will earn few coins in the end. And it will also results in a worse quality teams.

  • Discover the Strengths:

It is recommended to find out your strengths and stick to them. Because once you’re able to know that what you are good at it will become easy for you to pick those players and teams which go with the plans you have made. This wonderful game gives you more tools for checking and testing the various team plans and step ups. That’s why it become easier for you to find out that what works best for you in a longer run. You can win the match if you choose the right players and also set up the ideal team.

  • Passing do helps

This tip is considered as one of the most interesting tip for winning the matches.

  • Avoid Too Much Running:

Running is good and powerful but too much sprinting will not help you in the long run. Because with too much sprinting you can lose the control of the ball and usually at the worst possible times.

  • Know the soccer Terminology:

Before starting the game, try to remember the soccer terminology such as counter, target man, tiki taka and few others.

  • Purchase new Players

With the help of trading you can collect more coins quickly. After collecting the coins, you can start making small investments but it is worth mentioning that don’t ever try to put in each and everything you have.

  • Contracts

This incredible tip will permit you to enable a player play the match even after an injury but only if the players has the contract cards. So it is suggested to purchase these cards as soon as you can.